Monday, 19 September 2011

Porfirio Lobo launches crackdown on Trade Unions

17th September 2011

With the massive layoffs of state workers organized into several unions, the regime of Porfirio Lobo advances its clear and violent anti-union escalation following a strategy to reverse labour and social conquests of the Honduran people, in order to weaken the birth of the Broad Front of People's Resistance (FARP), declared Juan Barahona, President of the Sub FUTH and coordinator of the National Front of People's Resistance (FNRP). 

Police & Military Attack Protestors in Tocoa, During Pro-Independence Parade

16 September 2011

The national independence day celebration of September 15th was an excuse for an attack in the city of Tocoa, Colon, militarization center of Bajo Aguán.
As in the two previous years, the National People's Resistance Front (FNRP) called for peaceful public protests throughout the country. Tocoa was by no means the only site of protest, but as had occurred in previous years , the military and police forces dedicated themselves to the task of repression in the interest of silencing the voices that denounced them and demanded justice facing the situation of violence against the organized campesino population of this region of the country. This violence has increased in recent days with the massive presence of soldiers in the region and with the murders of various recognized regional agrarian leaders.

Emmo: A Resistance Symbol Killed

8th September 2011
The FNRP holds the Honduran State responsible for the act 

Tegucigalpa. September 7, 2011. This day during the afternoon the tragic death of a member of the National Front of People’s Resistance was announced. A naturalized Honduran Mahadeo Roopchand Sadloo Sadloo, better known as Emo, who after returning from a FNRP rally was attacked on the visitors area of his own retailing business.

Honduras radio reporter killed - the 16th journalist assassinated

13th September 2011
Radio reporter Medardo Flores became the 16th journalist murdered in Honduras over the past 18 months when his car was sprayed with bullets on Thursday. He was ambushed while driving from his small farm to Puerto Cortes on the Caribbean coast.
Flores, 50, worked for Radio Uno and was also a noted supporter of the country's ousted former president Manuel Zelaya.

Public safety has been hit hard in Honduras since the June 2009 coup that ousted Zelaya and later saw the election as president of Porfirio Lobo.

Sixteen journalists have been killed in Honduras since February 2010.

Arnulfo Aguilar, Radio Uno's director, told the local press that Flores spent the 1980s in exile "to escape from persecution by the repressive forces of the state".

Source: Ticotimes