Monday, 19 September 2011

Honduras radio reporter killed - the 16th journalist assassinated

13th September 2011
Radio reporter Medardo Flores became the 16th journalist murdered in Honduras over the past 18 months when his car was sprayed with bullets on Thursday. He was ambushed while driving from his small farm to Puerto Cortes on the Caribbean coast.
Flores, 50, worked for Radio Uno and was also a noted supporter of the country's ousted former president Manuel Zelaya.

Public safety has been hit hard in Honduras since the June 2009 coup that ousted Zelaya and later saw the election as president of Porfirio Lobo.

Sixteen journalists have been killed in Honduras since February 2010.

Arnulfo Aguilar, Radio Uno's director, told the local press that Flores spent the 1980s in exile "to escape from persecution by the repressive forces of the state".

Source: Ticotimes