Sunday, 2 October 2011

Resolutions of the "Seeds of Liberty" Extraordinary Assembly

The Second Extraordinary Assembly of the National Front of People’s Resistance “Seeds of Freedom" , held in Tegucigalpa, was attended by delegates from all departments, the 19th department and representatives of social and political organizations that are part of the FNRP.
The Assembly focused on the approval of the Declaration of Principles, the Statutes and a FARP Flag, these are requirements for registration of the Broad Front of People’s Resistance in the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.
After extensive discussion, debate and presentation of some motions of reform the Assembly agreed the following:
1. Approval of the Declaration of Principles. (read in Spanish)
2. To create a Committee of Style to be responsible to review, edit and implement the reforms solicited by the Assembly for the Statutes and the Declaration of Principles of the Broad Front of People’s Resistance (FARP). (Statutes in Spanish)
3. Approval of the flag of the FARP, which shall be rectangular with red background, in the center of the flag stands the acronyms of FARP in black lowercase letters, and with a four vertices star in white at the right side.
Source: FNRP