Friday, 6 November 2009

Spain believes that a government without representatives of Zelaya unit is "a flagrant breach" of the agreement

Translated excerpts from Europa Press. Original at

The Spanish Government considers that the creation of a unity government in Honduras without representatives of the ousted president Manuel Zelaya is "a flagrant breach of the agreement" that Roberto Micheletti and Zelaya signed last week to put end the political crisis in the Central American country since the coup of June 28.

"I believe that there is a flagrant breach of the agreement," the Secretary of State for Latin America, Juan Pablo de Laiglesia, told Europa Press, when asked about the announcement made on Thursday that the unity government does not include representatives of the deposed president.

"It seems clear that the government of national unity and a mere continuation of the situation following the coup," the secretary of state....[It] "at first sight appears to be contrary to the spirit and even the letter of the agreement".

...Regarding the return of Zelaya in power, De Laiglesia stressed that although the agreement between the opposing parties do not set "a date" for the country's Congress to rule on the return of the legitimate representative [this] does not mean that Congress "can not fulfil an essential element of the agreement."

The Secretary of State for Latin America stressed that the whole international community expects "the restoration of democratic order and the effectiveness of this political agreement and the holding of elections within a framework of reconciliation and return to normality"..