Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Zelaya demads end to manipulation of the deal

Tegucigalpa, Nov 2, (PL).- Honduran Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya called putschists to stop manipulating the agreement reached to end the political crisis in this Central American nation.

Zelaya, overthrown in June by a coup, demanded that the de facto government of Roberto Micheletti stopped playing dirty games and delaying strategies to apply the pact signed on October 30, according to which National Congress must declare itself on the return of Zelaya, as part of measures to restore institutionality.

In Zelaya's opinion, it is a matter of urgency to make this analysis effective in Congress, as "we have stood enough harm already as a country, for anyone to try to continue manipulating the crisis."

"None of the parties must use dirty games, delaying strategies or measures that make us lose credit and respect we deserve as a country before the international community," he added.

Zelaya's remarks come as several sectors in the country think National Congress may delay the materialization of what was agreed during negotiations.

His restitution in the presidential post is not at stake, he said, and urged the de facto regime to comply with the agreement as soon as possible.

"Any interpretation out of this context would constitute a new affront to the Honduran people and the international community," said Zelaya, who returned to Tegucigalpa on September 21 and remains at the Brazilian embassy.

In this agreement, the post of President of the Republic of Honduras, constitutionally elected by the people, is beyond discussion.

Congress must act with required diligence and speed in order to "regain the homeland's dearest interest, that is democracy, which is broken," said Zelaya.

At least 65 of all 128 deputies must vote in favour of the restitution to make Zelaya's return effective.

Meanwhile, the Committee for Verification of agreements to overcome the crisis triggered by the coup in Honduras will be installed on Tuesday and not today, as originally informed.

The pact signed by representatives of the constitutional government and of the de facto regime set the installation of the Committee for today, but Spokeswoman for the putschists, Vilma Morales, announced that the ceremony will be on Tuesday.

Honduras legitimate President Manuel Zelaya appointed Ambassador to the UN Jorge Arturo Reina as his representative, while the de facto regime appointed businessman Arturo Corrales.

The international community will be represented by former Chilean President Ricardo Lagos and US Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, who are expected to arrive in Honduras on Tuesday.

The objective of the mission is to observe implementation of the agreements adopted on Friday to put an end to the cris