Thursday, 11 February 2010

Indigenous Organization COPINH: We march against the developers, planners, executors and inheritors of the Coup d'Etat

The Civil Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras COPINH communicates to the peoples of the world and to the people of Honduras in particular the following:
1. From the different Lenca communities and from all the corners of our country, we are mobilizing to participate in the great march convened by the National Front of Popular Resistance against the coup d'etat.
2. We mobilize to reject the regime of Porfirio Lobo Sosa, developer, planner, executor and inheritor of the coup d'etat, with which once again the oligarchy has violated the Constitution of the Republic.
3. We mobilize to denounce the impunity enjoyed in our country by the oligarchic, political, police and military leadership.
4. We mobilize to demand the punishing of the assassins of our sisters and brothers who lost their lives defending the right to live in democracy.
5. We mobilize to defend our right to free expression.
6. We mobilize to denounce the plan for the country of the oligarchy and its aides, given that it is nothing more than a plan of dispossession of natural resources and exploitation of the Honduran people.
7. We mobilize to denounce the Organization of American States, the United Nations, the European Union, entities that were and are complacent with the coup-makers and that once again demonstrated that their reason for existence is to serve the powerful.
8. We mobilize to make a call to create, from the resistance, a broad front as a space for electoral participation of the Honduran people that allows us to develop a new type of political instrument and to move away from the temptation to be used by the parties of the oligarchy who were part of the coup d'etat.
9. We mobilize to move forward the struggle for a democratic and grassroots National Constitutional Assembly, to have a new political constitution that allows for the re-founding of our country.
With the ancestral force of Lempira, Iselaca, Mota and Etempica we raise our voices full of life, dignity, justice, freedom and peace.
La Esperanza, Intibuc√°, Honduras January 26th, 2010 year of the deepening of the people's struggle.