Friday, 12 February 2010

Nicaragua Not Recognizing New President of Honduras

Managua.— "Nicaragua cannot recognize Porfirio Lobo as the new president of that country, as his power is based on bayonets and a coup d’état," said the Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega, cited PL news agency.

"We cannot recognize the government of Honduras as it is a continuity of the military coup which overthrew the ex-president Manuel Zelaya," said Daniel Ortega.

Ortega also denounced the amnesty dictated by the Honduran congress to set the soldiers who participated in the coup free. "Those involved in the coup, certainly, feel at liberty and with all the support to promote and favour new coups in Honduras and the Central American region," he added.

Ortega underscored that Central America is experiencing "a difficult situation, since the effects of the coup d’état are contaminating the region". He also stressed that Lobo is threatening, and that he is not strong enough to make decisions without being influenced by the coup protagonists.

"We cannot give in to military coups. Nicaragua will continue fighting in the international forums against the breaking up of constitutional order."

PL news agency also reported that Ortega spoke of the Agreement of Association, which the European Union (EU) and the Central-American countries are negotiating; and denounced that the European countries "practically want to do away with" the production forces of the region.

Ortega spoke of the fact that this process had been frozen due to the coup in Honduras in June last year, and said that this negotiation has not been an easy task due to the conditions the EU is imposing in all fields.