Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Demands for United States to end all economic and military support to the military coup regime in Honduras.

Whilst President Obama's government has verbally called for the restoration of President Zelaya, its ongoing provision of financial and military support is helping to sustain the coup government in power. The US government has refused to formally recognize the ousting of President Zelaya as a "coup", which would legally require it to suspend all financial support. Preferential economic trade arrangement also remains - which are important to Honduras as the US is its chief trade partner. In contrast to European Union countries, which have withdrawn their Ambassadors, the US Ambassador remains in post. Moreover, the EU has suspended US$90 million in aid to Honduras.

Honduras' legitimate President, Manuel Zelaya, has urged the United States government to take stronger action to end the coup: "This [the Honduran crisis] will be over in the blink of an eye once the United States takes clear steps against those behind the coup."

Patricias Rodas, Foreign Minister of the Honduras government led by exiled President Manuel Zelaya stated in July: "In the name of democracy let's act, and thus we ask that the US government carries out economic sanctions against the [Micheletti] regime and suspend all monies to it so that it is isolated."

Below are some of the increased calls from August 2009 from the US for President Obama to take much stronger action: