Sunday, 27 September 2009

Massive march against coup face repression

The Honduras Resistes blog is reporting the following:
Sunday 9/27 5pm - Massive march against coup near U.N. office in Tegucigalpa, 2 blocks from Brazillian embassy, massive repression underway with tear gas and beatings being used indiscriminately.

Sunday 9/27 - Radio Globo and Channel 36, two of the only remaining independent news outlets in Honduras, publicly ordered shut down by military.

Ongoing - Massive uprisings in neighborhoods throughout Tegucigalpa being strongly repressed by police and military with rubber bullets, live ammunition, tear gas, beatings, and sexual assault. Despite this, protests for the restoration of democracy continue.

9/23 - 4pm: Thousands of people defying military curfew and marching, surrounded on all sides by police and military. Radio Globo and Channel 36 taken off the air and now transmitting clandestinely. Union leader of Vocational Training Institute (INFOP) shot in the head by military during one of many insurrections in neighborhoods throughout Tegucigalpa.