Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Violence unleashed on crowds outside the Brazilian Embassy.

The blog below is running regular reports in English describing the very latest situation in Honduras as it unfolds: http://hondurascoup2009.blogspot.com

One of its reports below describes how on Tuesday the coup regime has unleashed violence against crowds who had gathered to support President Zelaya with some people feared dead, declared a state of emergency suspending the right of free circulation and assembly and has told all the foreign press to leave the area.

No More Constitution

The Micheletti regime, about 4 am this morning, violently disloged the protesters outside the Brazilian embassy with tear gas, pepper spray and water canons. Radio Globo reports THEY SUSPENDED THE CONSTITUTION and declared a state of emergency. Among the rights suspended are the right of free circulation and assembly.

There are many people hurt, and reports of at leaast one death as a result. Update: Adrienne Pine, reporting that police are surrounding the hospital where the wounded were brought, says there were "17 critically injured patients (3 already dead)".

A friend who lives a couple of kilometers from the Brazilian embassy wrote at 4:30 this morning to report hearing gunshots:

    We can hear gun shots and more from our house, about 2km from the Brazilian
    Embassy. There are hundreds injured. We can hear many gunshots.

This as Martha Lorena Alvarado, of the de facto regime, denies that any shots were fired.

Romeo Vasquez Velasquez said "we will maintain the order no matter what the cost. "

The military has occupied the Boulevard de los Proceres closing it, and surrounds the Brazilian embassy. They have stationed a military truck with loudspeakers outside the Brazilian embassy and are broadcasting the National Anthem at full volume. They've stationed sharpshooters on top of the buildings around the Brazilian embassy.

Channel 36 is off the air because the millitary have cut off its electricity. Radio Globo continues to experience periodic outages, but has continued broadcasting. Radio Progresso shut down last evening at 5:20 local time because the owners anticipated violence, but is back on the air this morning.

Radio Globo reports that the military is cordoning off the area around the US embassy now, and has just told all the foreign press to leave the area.

Jose Miguel Insulza reported early this morning that he cannot travel to Honduras because of the closure of the airports.

Military special forces, probably Cobras, have been sighted outside the Brazilian embassy preparing to break into the embassy. Currently they are breaking in to and invading the building next door to the embassy.