Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Canadians demand "Get tough on Honduras coup perpetrators"

Get tough on Honduras coup perpetrators
Oct 7th, 2009

article by New Democratic Party of Canada

OTTAWA – The Canadian government has failed to exert any concrete diplomatic pressure on the de facto government of Honduras in order to end the political crisis. New Democrats call on the government to announce targeted economic and diplomatic sanctions against the Honduran coup perpetrators.

“The situation in Honduras is worsening and the authorities have yet to sign onto the San José plan to resolve the stand-off,” said New Democrat Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre). “Canada is lacking the diplomatic will to defend the rights and freedoms of the Honduran people”.

Dewar expressed disappointment that today’s statement from the government did not include any new diplomatic initiatives to pressure the Honduran authorities. In his response, Dewar called on the government to suspend all military cooperation with Honduras and put in place targeted economic and diplomatic sanctions against the coup perpetrators. The United States has already taken similar steps to increase the pressure on the de facto government of Honduras.

Dewar also warned that the coup’s success will set a dangerous precedent against democratic development in the region.

“Canada’s support for the San José plan needs to be backed up with concrete diplomatic measures,” added Dewar. “The government has to make it crystal clear for the Honduran authorities that delaying action on the San José plan will result in diplomatic and economic consequences for them”.