Friday, 16 October 2009

Motion in British Parliament demands Zelaya restored and increased US action

A motion has been put down in the British Parliament by Tony Lloyd, the Chair of the Parliamentary Labour party, from the governing party.

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Tony Lloyd
That this House welcomes the return of President Manuel Zelaya to Honduras on 21 September 2009 after being ousted in a military coup in June; notes that President Zelaya has since been taking refuge in the Brazilian Embassy and congratulates the Brazilian government for providing sanctuary to the elected Honduran President; is concerned by the response of the coup regime to President Zelaya's return, including repression, that has left a number of people dead and led to a clampdown on civil liberties that has seen hundreds arrested and the closure of independent media; welcomes the rapid condemnation of the coup regime by the UK Government and the EU; calls for the United States government to take stronger action by suspending all financial support to the coup regime; and demands the release of all those arbitrarily arrested, that laws restricting media freedoms are rescinded, and the immediate restitution of President Zelaya to office and restoration of full democracy in Honduras.