Monday, 5 October 2009

Candidates refuse to stand in elections unless Zelaya reinstated now.

Oct 4 (Prensa Latina) - The immediate restitution of overthrown President Manuel Zelaya is an indispensable condition to guarantee elections in Honduras, according to a resistance leader.

Carlos Eduardo Reina, president of the Liberal Coordinator against the Coup d'Etat, warned that the deadline for the November 29 elections is near.

Speaking on the program Resistance, by the National Front against the Coup d'Etat, Reina noted that two weeks is too long for Zelaya's restitution in order to guarantee ordered and transparent elections.

It has to be immediately, he said on the program on Radio Globo, which has been broadcasting on the Internet since it was closed and its equipment was confiscated by the police last Monday, during the state of siege in force in Honduras.

More than 100 candidates from the Liberal Party said on Friday that they would not participate in the elections if constitutional order and Zelaya are not reestablished as soon as possible.

Reina pointed out that taking part in the elections under present conditions, under the June 28 military coup, means to be accomplices to another deception to the people.

The Front, independent candidates and the Democratic Unification Party, among other political forces opposed to the violation of democracy, also condemned the elections under present circumstances.

Reina, who is accompanying Zelaya in the Brazilian Embassy, where the president was welcomed after his unexpected return to Honduras on September 21, ratified Zelaya's will to dialogue to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.

He added that negotiations cannot be held amid the state of siege decreed by the de facto regime, which has green light to murder, repress people's demonstrations and close media organizations.

Reina noted that the immediate derogation of the suspension of constitutional guarantees is an inexcusable condition to hold serious talks.

He pointed out that Zelaya has kept his commitment to the people to hold a constituent assembly to change the conditions of injustice and inequality imposed by the ten families ruling Honduras.