Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Elections not observed by mainstream bodies - Amnesty reports abuse.

Unlike most elections, neither the UN, the Organisation of American States, the EU or the US-based Carter Center sent observers to the Honduras elecrion.

And Amnesty International reported:

"Justice seems to have been absent also on election day in Honduras," said Javier Zuñiga, the head of the Amnesty International delegation in Honduras. "It is essential the whereabouts of all people detained are made public and all incidents of abuse, investigated. The rule of law must fully be restored." The group urged the Honduran authorities to reveal the identities, whereabouts and charges against all people detained.

Domestic human rights groups have claimed that in the lead up to the vote, the government carried out intimidation, torture, illegal detentions and in some cases assassinations against those sections opposed to the coup regime.

Wide, the European network of women's organisations, accused the regime of engaging in "a systematic campaign of intimidation, physical and sexual abuse, and torture. Women have increasingly become target of this campaign." "Two women died of complications from tear-gas exposure; nine activist women were killed, their bodies showing evidence of torture."