Friday, 4 December 2009

Zelaya urges region to reject vote

Legitimate Honduran President Manuel Zelaya sent a letter to Latin American leaders on Tuesday urging them to reject elections held under the coup-installed government and help restore him to power.

"I ask you not to recognize the electoral fraud and for your cooperation so that this coup d'etat does not remain unpunished," he said in a letter released from the Brazilian Embassy, where he is holed up under threat of arrest.

In the run up to the elections the United States has stated that it would recognise the elections and has given the strong impression it continues with this position. In contrast, most Latin American countries, led by Brazil, say they won't recognize a coup-backed government that resulted from the elections. In addition to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, El Salvador, and Venezuela have expressed their rejection of the elections. Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia and Panama have indicated that they will recognise the elections.