Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Zelaya: Honduran people don't accept electoral process as valid

TEGUCIGALPA, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said the "winner" of the presidential elections in Honduras on Sunday is the abstention of the people.

    In an interview with local radio station "Radio Globo," Zelaya said the abstention was as high as 65 percent according to his information resources.

    "The Honduran people did not accept the electoral process as valid. They did not feel it belonged to them," Zelaya said.

    "Today we defeated (de facto leader) Micheletti at the voting ballots, we defeated the violence at the voting ballots," he added.

    Referring to the fact that the candidate of the opposition National Party Porfirio Lobo won the elections, Zelaya said he would give a statement once he got the official results.

    According to Rafael Alegria, the coordinator of the Resistance against the Coup, the winner is the mass movement supporting ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

    "The people answered the call of the Resistance to defeat the coup," Alegria said, adding that "we salute all the Honduran people, all the Resistance, tomorrow (Monday) we will continue with a people's assembly to make a caravan," Alegria said.

    "We are very happy with the answer of the people. We are in a good path and for a real power of Resistance as a great movement of the country," he said.